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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Taipei City Mayor Chiang Meets with New Representative of Australian Office Taipei, Robert Fergusson, to Promote Further Cooperation and Exchanges Between Taiwan and Australia2024-01-15
2Taipei City and Shizuoka City Sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Friendly City Exchanges and Cooperation2024-01-15
3CityNet Climate Change Cluster Visits Taipei to Facilitate International Collaboration Aimed at Achieving an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Future2023-12-08
4Taipei Mayor Wan-An Chiang meets with Ng Sze Han of the Selangor State Executive Council to discuss industrial collaborations and smart cities2023-11-14
5Mayor Wan-An Chiang receives Indian representative Yadav to discuss exchange with India2023-11-14
6Mayor Wan-An Chiang Meets with Vice President of the French Senate's Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence, and Armed Forces Olivier Cadic and a French Delegation to Discuss Taiwan–France Collaborations on Education and City Diplomacy2023-10-25
7Tom Tate, Mayor of the City of Gold Coast, Visits Taiwan for the Third Time, Hoping to Deepen Sisterhood with Taipei City Through Education2023-10-18
8Mayor Chiang meets with Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon and witnesses signing of Taipei–Seoul MOU to Promote Cooperation in Youth Affairs 2023-10-06
9Mayor Wan-An Chiang meets Representative of the Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, Vu Tien Dung, to discuss future opportunities for trade, youth entrepreneurship, tourism, and cultural exchange2023-09-12
10Mayor Chiang meets with Representative Zolzaya of Mongolia to discuss potential tourism exchanges between sister cities2023-08-14
11Mayor Chiang warmly welcomes Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego as she visits Taiwan 2023-08-14
12Mayor Wan-An Chiang meets with Ambassador Roudy Stanley Penn from the Embassy of the Republic of Haiti: The Two Young Leaders Agree to Face Global Challenges with an Open and Courageous Attitude2023-08-14
13Retired YouBikes 1.0 carrying the youths of Saint Kitts and Nevis forward2023-07-07
14First virtual meeting between Deputy Mayor of Taipei City Lin and Deputy Mayor of Sofia Kerezov2023-07-07
15Mayor Wan-An Chiang Meets with Thailand Trade and Economic Office Executive Director Twekiat Janprajak to Discuss Cultural, Tourism, and Investment2023-06-26
16Mayor Wan-An Chiang Meets with Executive Director Axel Limberg to Discuss Strategies for Sustainable Urban Development2023-06-26
17Mayor Chiang Welcomes Mayor Shinju Yamaguchi of Kasama City2023-06-26
18Mayor Wan-An Chiang Receives Alain Richard, French Senate Vice President and Taiwan Friendship Group Chair2023-05-22
19Deputy Mayor Shu-Chuan Lee Receives Miyagi Prefectural Assembly Chair Chikuchi Keiichi and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Japan2023-05-22
20Deputy Mayor Shu-Chuan Lee attends the Global City Network for Sustainability Leaders Summit 2023-04-13