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Secretariat, Taipei City Government

City News

NO.TitlePublish Date
41Largest Sea of Flowers Debuts by Taipei’s Riverside – Blossoming Sunflowers at Meiti2019-09-24
42Mayor Attends 2019 World Alzheimer’s Month Press Conference2019-09-23
43DEP Reinforces Inspection of Construction Sites, Recycling Centers2019-09-23
44Juru Community in Nangang Searches for Quality Water2019-09-20
45Promoting the Home Dog Program2019-09-20
46Carry Your Backpack on your Front – Friendly Reminders in MRT Stations and Trains Starting September 162019-09-19
47Taipei City Travels to Korea to Participate in World Smart City Expo2019-09-19
48Muzha Outstanding Youth Tea Farmer Represents Taipei in National Tea Competition2019-09-18
49Taipei City Government, 5-School Cross-Industry Incubation Alliance Host Gathering to Stimulate Entrepreneurship2019-09-18
502020 Taipei International Conducting Competition Rules2019-09-17
51Taipei City Launches Further Ban on Disposable Tableware Starting January 1, 20202019-09-17
522019 Neihu Culture and Arts Festival – In Celebration of Autumn Outdoor Concert2019-09-17
53Information of Confucius 2569th Birthday Celebration Ceremony.2019-09-17
54Information of Confucius 2569th Birthday Celebration Ceremony.2019-09-17
55Taipei City Government Promotes Housing Justice 2.0 2019-09-16
56Ribbon-cutting Ceremony of Wanhua Police Precinct and Taipei City Fire Department Longshan Station Building2019-09-16
57Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office Initiate the Renewal of Chlorine Ions Polluted Buildings, and the Safety of Living has Increased!2019-09-16
58Camping During the Moon Festival to Admire the Moon – Pay Attention to the Product Labeling 2019-09-12
59Do Not Feed the Birds – Tips on How to Protect the Birds in Daan Forest Park2019-09-12
60The 755th meeting of Taipei Urban Planning Commission will be held on sep.19, 20192019-09-12