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Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego and Her Team Visits Mayor Ko

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of sisterhood between Taipei City and Phoenix, the United States, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego and her delegation team visited Taipei City and Mayor Ko on October 21.
During the meeting, Mayor Ko first congratulated Mayor Gallego for winning the Phoenix mayor election this year and extended his gratitude toward the reception Mayor Gallego and the former Mayor Stanton gave to Taipei City’s representative team visiting Phoenix. Mayor Ko praised the unique landscape and humanity culture of Phoenix and showed his hospitality to the Phoenix’s representative team. Mayor Ko also acknowledged the precious sisterhood and constant interactions between the two cities in various fields such as education, culture, disaster prevention and responses, and economic development and trade. He looked forward to the continuous sisterhood between the cities and communication and interactions in additional domains in the future.
Mayor Gallego expressed her thanks to Mayor Ko’s congratulations and reception. She also acknowledged the precious sisterhood between the cities by mentioning the Youth Ambassadors Exchange Program, Taipei City Chinese Cultural Summer Camp for Youth, both cities’ delegation of teams in dragon boat competitions, and various exchange events. Mayor Gallego remarked that she led the team not only to celebrate the 40-year sisterhood between the cities, but also to increase economic interaction and trade opportunities between the cities to increase employment. Subsequently, the Phoenix-Taipei Sister City Council advisor Ms. Li Ling-lin thanked both mayors’ support to her continued host of the Taipei City Chinese Cultural Summer Camp for Youth. She also congratulated on the lasting sisterhood of the cities and offered words of encouragement. She promised to continue to hold events for local students and residents to understand the customs and culture of Taipei and Taiwan.