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2016 Dragon Boat Competition at DaJia Riverside Park With Sister City

Taipei City Government hosted the 2016 Dragon Boat Competition at DaJia Riverside Park during the Dragon Boat Festival, from 9 to 11 June. Over 210 people registered to compete and about 5,000 people participated in the competition. To mark the upcoming 2017 Universiade, this year we held a special competition, the City University Invitational Dragon Boat Race, and invited university dragon boat teams from our sister cities to compete against our champion Taipei university teams.
The competition included dragon boat teams from the University of Taipei, Vanung University, Fu Jen Catholic University, National Taiwan Normal University, the University of Southern California and Ehime University. The competition also included races between large and small Taiwanese teams, single sex and mixed teams, and small dragon boat teams. Athletes came from Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Mexico, Belgium, Nicaragua and Russia to compete.
Also in attendance this year were Taipei City’s sister city Quezon City and friend cities Qingpu District Shanghai, Matsuyama Japan and Southern California. The Yokohoma International Affair and the 華親善橫濱市議 visited us but did not register to compete. In total, there were 90 competitors, including both professional athletes and local officials. This year’s dragon boat competition has enabled Taipei City to strengthen its ties with sister cities.