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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Public Opinion Poll Result Conducted in May 20212021-06-18
2Taipei City Named as Finalist in Bloomberg Philanthropies 2021 Global Mayors Challenge2021-06-17
3DOL Promotes Contactless Food Delivery2021-06-17
4[Level 3 COVID Alert] City to Initiate Precision Contact-tracing, Zero Out Project2021-06-17
5[Level 3 COVID Alert] Mayor: Online Vaccination Reservation System a Go2021-06-15
6[Level 3 COVID Alert] City to Enforce ID-based Admission at Markets, Big Box Stores2021-06-15
7[Level 3 COVID Alert] Workers Eligible for Subsidies, Relief Loans2021-06-11
8[Level 3 COVID Alert] Cabs Permitted to Deliver Goods, Meals2021-06-11
9DOE: Over 97% of City Students Utilize Online Learning Platform2021-06-09
10[Level 3 COVID Alert] Mayor Calls on Central Government to Speed up Dispatch of Vaccines2021-06-08
11Are we allowed to feed wild animals, pigeons or other birds in the park?2021-06-07
12[Level 3 COVID Alert] New Crowd Flow Measure for Taipei’s Marketplaces2021-06-07
13[Level 3 COVID Alert] Mayor: Citizens Eligible for Free COVID Vaccination2021-06-07
14Taipei City Government receives the first “Oscar Award” in anti-corruption. The New Construction Office receives the High Distinction Award – the Integrity Award by the Agency Against Corruption2021-06-04
15[Level 3 COVID Alert] All Pass Ticket: Refund Now Available2021-06-04
16New Constructions Office Wins 2021 FIABCI Award2021-06-04
17[Level 3 COVID Alert] APO: Owners Encouraged to Stay Home with Pets2021-06-03
18[Level 3 COVID Alert] Mobile Rapid Test Team Completes First Mission2021-06-03
19TaipeiPASS Contact Tracing: Pandemic Prevention Efforts Through Technology2021-06-02
20[Level 3 COVID Alert] TCOOC: Inventory of Daily Necessities Monitored2021-06-02