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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Keeping Exit Clear! Leaving Without Being Panic!2020-10-27
2Taipei City Rain Water Pumping Station Test Run Schedule, November 20202020-10-26
3Winners of Yukata Design Contest Lauded at Taipei Hot Spring Festival2020-10-26
4Mayor Attends 2020 Hakka Yimin Festival Procession2020-10-26
5Announcing the 2020 Taipei Hakka Yimin Festival (Oct. 24 – 26)2020-10-23
6Songshan Ciyou Temple Introduces Multilingual Fortune Reader2020-10-23
7Levee Improvement Construction at Sulfur Creek Completed2020-10-23
8Department of Labor, Taipei City Government reminder: It is quick and convenient to apply online for migrant workers’ entry-home quarantine2020-10-23
9TCH Off-campus Clinics to Provide 100 Flu Shot Daily for Walk-in Patients2020-10-22
10TAS Chief Operating Officer Visits Shilin Precinct Station2020-10-22
11The Statistics for Taipei City Businesses and Corporations Registration in September, 20202020-10-21
12Promote the Forest Management Demonstration at Daluntou Mountain for the Permanent Inheritance of the Forestry2020-10-21
13Beef Noodle Competition Sees 74 Restaurants Competing for Top Honor2020-10-21
14Signup for MUN Workshop Starts October 262020-10-21
15MOTC Has Approved Taipei City Government as the Competent Authority for the Entire Circular Line, Leaving No Doubt of Its Administrative Responsibility in Accordance with the Law2020-10-21
16Flu Shots and COVID-19: TCH Doctor Answers Frequently-asked Questions2020-10-20
1786 Percent of Citizens are Satisfied with Taipei City Government’s COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention Measures2020-10-20
18Mayor Attends Slow Fashion Show, Shares City’s Senior Citizen Policies2020-10-19
19Mayor Visits MRT Jiala Station Construction Site, Inspects Work Progress2020-10-16
20Mayor Ko Inspects Wanda Line Jiala Station and Dongyuan Elementary School Joint Construction 2020-10-16