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NO.TitlePublish DepartmentPublish Date
1AI+ Taipei Startup Pitch Contest: Open Call for Applications From Now Until June 28thDepartment of Economic Development ,Taipei City Government2024-05-23
2Taipei City and Tokyo continue their experience exchange, further enhancing urban disaster preventionTaipei City Fire Department2024-05-20
32024 Taipei Spring Season Codefest: Programmers Congregate at Jiantan to Achieve New Milestone of Government ServicesDepartment of Information Technology, Taipei City Government2024-05-16
4After completing the adoption process at the Taipei Animal Shelter, owners of adopted pets are eligible to apply for a maximum NT$3,000 pet insurance subsidy.Taipei City Animal Protection Office2024-05-16
5Fire investigation experts from Taipei City engage in practical and academic exchange with Central Police University.Taipei City Fire Department2024-05-15
6Licorice Tea、cherry pie、strawberry macaron……You are invited to visit us.Parks & Street Lights Office2024-05-15
7Preparing for the Flood Season Taipei City Wa-terworks Inspection CompletedHydraulic Engineering Office2024-05-14
8Bikeway and related facilities upgrade project at Yanping Riverside Park (from Sun Yat-sen Free-way to Taipei Bridge) was completed.Hydraulic Engineering Office2024-05-14
9Mayor observes flood control drill in Taipei CityHydraulic Engineering Office2024-05-14
102024 Taipei Water Dance Festival Starts on May 1st!Hydraulic Engineering Office2024-05-14
11Taipei Honors Golden Wedding Anniversaries in Celebration of International Day of FamiliesDepartment of Civil Affairs,Taipei City Government2024-05-11
12The creation of Superficies cases on 6 plots of municipal land, including No. 21, Section 5, Tanmei Section, Neihu District were successfully bid, with the total winning bid royalties amounted to NT$2,084 million !Department of Finance, Taipei City Government2024-05-09
13Overview of Taipei City Factory RegistrationDepartment of Economic Development ,Taipei City Government2024-05-08
14The 817th meeting of Taipei Urban Planning Commission will be held on MAY 16, 2024Taipei Urban Planning Commission2024-05-06
15The Department of Finance, Taipei City Government's land development project of Fubon Art Museum has opened, injecting an international vibes of artistic source into the Xinyi District.Department of Finance, Taipei City Government2024-05-03
16Warm Mother's Love - Prepare for Disaster Together The Fire Department and the Yongan Village Office jointly hold the Mother’s Gratitude Event and Community Disaster Prevention CarnivalTaipei City Fire Department2024-05-02
17Current Status of PersonnelDepartment of Personnel, Taipei City Government2024-05-01
18The 4th meeting of Taipei Spatial Planning Committee will be held on May 9, 2024Taipei Urban Planning Commission2024-04-30
19Police and Fire Integration: Groundbreaking Ceremony on April 12 for the Fire Department Guandu Unit and Guandu Police Station Construction ProjectNew Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government2024-04-25
202024 Taipei Spring Season Codefest Workshop: Making Taipei City Dashboard UbiquitousDepartment of Information Technology, Taipei City Government2024-04-25