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German Lawmaker Klaus Mindrup Pays Official Call on Mayor Ko Wen-Je to Discuss Green Energy

German legislator and parliamentary environmental commissioner Klaus Mindrup and colleague visited Taiwan from 25 to 29 July after receiving an invitation from the German Institute Taipei. They made an official visit to Mayor Ko on the morning of 28 July.
Mr. Mindrup explained that the electricity grid in his city is co-run by local government and enterprises. By adopting a Public–Private Partnership, the government can both reduce the financial burden and share profits with the public. In addition, Germany has reduced its use of nuclear-generated electricity from 30% to 13% and is expected to go nuclear-free in 2022.
Mayor Ko said that promoting renewables is also an important policy for this government, and he hopes to speed up the renewables development in Taipei by learning from Germany’s experience.
Taipei City covers an area of only 271 square kilometres. Limited by its geographical location, developing renewables has proved difficult. Although there has been some success with hydroelectric and biogas power generation, results have been limited by the overall state of affairs. The Taipei City Government has drew up Regulations for Solar Power Generation on Taipei City Public Buildings and Lands in order to increase solar power generation on public property. The ultimate goal is to generate 10% of total power output through renewables by 2025, in accordance with central government policy.