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Blue Highway Children’s Month Special: Set Sail on a Pirate Adventure

Blue Highway Children’s Month Special: Set Sail on a Pirate AdventureAs part of the Children’s Month program, the City’s ferry service – Blue Highway – will launch an event inviting kids to experience the fun of being a sailor dressed in pirate costumes!
The event starts March 15. Ferries which serve as venue for the activity depart at Dadaocheng Wharf.
Through role-play, the young sailors will be engaged in a series of missions both onshore and onboard the vessel. The interactive games will allow participants to learn more about the attractions of Blue Highway and the river’s ecosystem. The cruise, which offers children an opportunity to serve people as they assume the role of the ship’s crew members, also carries educational purposes.  

Not only can they experience what it’s like to be a seafarer, pair participants (one adult and one kid under 12 years of age) who sign up for the cruise will get a capsule toy while stock lasts. The toy is available in four designs, including Captain Grey Heron, Chief Mate Mudskipper, Sailor Fiddler Crab, and Sailboat.
In addition to “Youngster Pirate Camp,” the ferry service also features cruises spotlighting various themes throughout Children’s Month such as “Dadaocheng Historical Site Mini Trip + Tamsui River Cruising” and “Dadaocheng at Sunset.”
The Public Transportation Office invites those interested in exploring river scenaries of Taipei to register for a mini trip through the waterway. Cruise information can be found at www.riverfun.net (Chinese) or the Facebook fan page “藍色水路微旅行.”