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Secretariat, Taipei City Government


The Secretariat’s 2015 Student Experience Networking Event; Remarks by Deputy Mayor Chou Li-fang

On 30 November, Deputy Mayor Chou Li-fang hosted the 2015 Student Experience Networking Event, organized by the Secretariat. Domestic and international students gathered to share their experiences, with five groups of Taiwanese students who had organized international events sharing case studies. In addition, they had the opportunity to network with international students in receipt of Central or Taipei City Government scholarships.

So far this year, the Secretariat has sponsored 38 groups in order to incentivize the hosting of large events and improve Taipei's image and visibility through international competitions, transnational meetings, academic conferences and volunteer events. The five groups represent the disciplines of biomedical science, wildlife conservation, international relations, and applied language studies. In order to encourage further interaction among our students, we invited international students and groups who received sponsorships to join us and share their experiences.

In 2016, the Taipei City Government Secretariat will continue in its efforts to assist local organizations in their hosting of international events. Executive Secretary for International Affairs Advisory Council, Ching-Yu Yao, encourages organizers to apply for this funding. The application deadline is December 7th, 2015. We hope this opportunity will enable us to increase Taipei City's international competitiveness.

The Secretariat’s 2015 Student Experience Networking Event