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“Inside: Reinventing Taipei” to Premiere on National Geographic Channel

The documentary on the transformation of Taipei’s West District will premiere on the National Geographic Channel at 9 PM this Sunday (July 3)!

The collaboration between National Geographic Channel and Department of Information and Tourism, “Inside: Reinventing Taipei” will feature time-lapse photography on the dismantling of the Zhongxiao Bridge ramp, restoring the old North Gate to its former glory after being surrounded by concrete pillars for 39 years.

The show’s crew comprises Spanish director José Miguel Garcia and staff from the award-winning production team honored at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.

Furthermore, viewers will have a chance to visit the newly established Taipei City 132 years ago through computer animation, offering a look at the people and culture of its early days.

“Inside: Reinventing Taipei” will be watched by over 120 million viewers across 37 countries, including South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. At the same time, the show helps to promote the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei to a global audience.

During his address at the press conference for the documentary, Mayor Ko Wen-je noted that the greatness of a city depends not only on the height of its buildings, but also the richness of its history. With the Universiade slated for 2017, Taipei seeks to present its best to the world and to welcome the guests attending this important international event. The west district, which is also an important hub for Taipei, is likely to become the first impression for many visitors. He hopes the city government’s West District Portal Project will restore the old city area and transform it into a gateway befitting an international capital city.