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TPEDOIT Sets up Shop at 2023 Daegu Chimac Festival

BRAVO and TPEDOIT staff at the 2023 Daegu Chimac FestivalThe 2023 Daegu Chimac Festival was held in Daegu City between August 30 and September 3. At the invitation of Daegu Metropolitan Government, a delegation headed by Chief Secretary Hsiao Chun-chieh and staff members from the Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) arrived in South Korea to take part in the event.

Taipei City’s booth at the festival highlighted the theme “Exploration of Taipei in 48 hours,” hoping to attract the attention of Generation MZ through the city’s diversified elements observed at different hours of the day.

In addition, TPEDOIT has also set up the installation for its tourism promotion campaign – “Taipei Brand Illuminated Tunnel” – at the busy Gangnam subway station in Seoul to attract the attention of commuters between August 1 and September 6. The agency also organized a tourism promotion session for Taipei’s tour operators in Seoul on September 5, hoping to tap upon the potentials of the Korean tourism market.

According to the agency, the “Generation MZ” of Korea demonstrates high mobility and significant consumption power. Born between 1981 and 2010, Gen MZ has become a major force in the tourism market. Taipei’s campaign, which targets this group as a potential source of tourists, spotlights attractions such as Taipei Music Center, Taipei Performing Arts Center, Dadaocheng Commercial District, and Zhongshan Linear Park.

After the establishment of sister city relationship with Daegu in 2010, Taipei City has inked a MOU with its counterpart in Korea on collaboration in tourism and carried out exchanges, encouraging residents of the two cities to travel to the other municipality and embark on a trip of urban tourism. The two cities also proactively participate in each other’s events. For example, Daegu was invited to the 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei, setting up unique lanterns and displays at the event to reflect the strong ties between the two municipalities.

The Daegu Chimac Festival is a major annual event for the city. With the subsiding of the pandemic, this year’s festivities took place at the Duryu Park in Daiseo-gu for five consecutive days starting on August 30. In addition to fried chicken and maekju (beer), the galore also featured KPOP performances and dance parties. Of course, Taipei’s mascot Bravo the Bear also has the opportunity to rekindle old friendship ties with Dodalssu, Daegu’s cute mascot.