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​Old Building Reconstruction Assessment: Solution for Small Building Owners

​Old Building Reconstruction Assessment: Solution for Small Building OwnersEncouraged by the city government, reconstructions of old and unsafe building offer clear incentives to building owner(s). The application process is relatively straightforward, has the minimum area requirement waived, and comes with building bulk ratio bonuses. 
Since the implementation of the program in 2017, the city government accepted a total of 755 applications to reconstruct old and unsafe buildings. Currently, 576 cases have received the approval from authority.
Construction Management Office (CMO) Director Liu Mei-hsiu pointed out that the application for old and unsafe building reconstruction is fairly popular among building owners, given the speed and efficiency of the process, the waiving of minimal foundation area requirement, and less chance of seeing complicated ownership. The benefit of overhauling old buildings is definitely attractive to the city government as well: increase of more durable, newer, and safer homes – which is important for an aging population.
Liu cited an example where the private owner applied to rebuild a 50-year-old house located near Daan District’s Pucheng Street. Taking up roughly 21 pings of land, the single-story brick building was registered in 1969. The interior of the building is old, rundown, and damp. Initial assessment by the commissioned architect clearly indicated the building’s vulnerability to earthquakes.
After receiving the application in May of 2020, CMO approved the project within a short period of time, since the building’s small floor area allowed the project to bypass the need for an urban renewal assessment meeting. The new structure was awarded a building bulk ratio bonus of 18%, which is reflected in the design of the 5-story edifice.
Given the advantages in processing speed, straightforward incentives, and tax breaks, the director urges those interested in rebuilding their dated homes to apply before the deadline.