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Mayor, Deputy Mayor Board Smart Electric Bus Smart City Exhibition Taipei Pavilion Showcases Data Capability

The 2022 Smart City Exhibition held its grand opening today. Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-Je and Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-Shan experienced a ride on a smart electric bus to enter the Nangang Exhibition Hall. Together, they presided over the opening ceremony of the Taipei Pavilion, joining municipal promoters of the Smart City 1+7 Fields from various government agencies. The exhibition features 8 main areas showcasing 37 innovative services. The organizers also invited Taiwan's new media master artist Huang Hsin-chien to demonstrate his work "The Weight of Data", which projected specific images for smart city under the governance of big data.

Mayor Ko, Deputy Mayor Huang, Transportation Commissioner Chen Shyue-Tair, Information Technology Commissioner Lu Hsin-Ke and Chairman Young Liu of Hon Hai Precision Industry boarded the smart electric bus by the exhibition hall. Mayor Ko mentioned that Taipei City started using electric buses in 2018, and there are currently 98 buses from various car makers running on 8 main routes such as Route 66, Heping Line and others, providing the public with a high-quality riding environment with zero carbon emissions and low noise. Taipei City Government has collaborated with Foxtron and Metropolitan Transport Corporation to validate the smart scheduling and recharging system, the inner wheel gap warning system, and electronic rearview mirrors to provide riders with new experience.

Artist Huang Hsin-chien's electronic art work incorporates creative use of robotic arms and augmented reality to demonstrate Taipei's resilience and determination in the smart city initiative focusing on data governance. The work has become one of the must-see highlights of this year's exhibition. Commissioner Lu led Mayor Ko for a hands-on experience of the augmented reality tour guide services via the TaipeiPass App. At the same time, the tour also highlights the Smart City 1+7 Fields including: Taipei Easy Go services for the visually impaired under smart transportation; 119 high-efficiency patrol task dispatching system to precisely handle reporting messages under smart security; Taipei City circular cups under smart environment to encourage delivery platforms and operators to provide eco-friendly delivery services; and diverse payment channels and financial services of Easy Wallet to offer the public a convenient alternative when making payments.

Mayor Ko also stopped by the stalls featuring the two main services of smart health – the 5G private network smart disinfection and transportation robots, and the hospital tele-medicine care application used to provide optimized medical services during the COVID-19 pandemic. For smart education, the spotlight falls upon the CooC-Cloud App which is incorporated into digital learning. For smart government, there is the neighborhood office digital infrastructure and digitized municipal services through TaipeiPass. For smart buildings, the Social Housing Cloud enables tenants to access automated equipment management.

Taipei City has made tremendous advances in this area, winning it fourth-place global ranking in the "IMD Smart City Index 2021". The Taipei Pavilion offers the most exciting and attentive Smart Taipei innovative applications and services, sharing the vision of daily life in a smart city with the residents of Taipei.

Visit the exhibition to receive your gifts! Use the TaipeiPass App to collect badges at the eight main exhibition sections in exchange for exclusive souvenirs.

  • Information on Taipei City Exhibitions
Date: From now until 3/25 (Friday)
Time: 10:00 to 18:00 (Ends at 17:00 on 3/25)
Venue: Booth P1013, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2 (Taipei Pavilion)
Exhibition website: https://smartcityonline.org.tw/pavilion.php?vip=taipei