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2019 Wanhua Cultural Carnival and Population Policy Campaign

* The 2019 Wanhua Cultural Carnival – Holiday Marketplace will be held from 10:00 to 16:00 on May 18 at the Bangka Qingshui Temple. The venue is located on the sidewalk along Section 2 of Changsha Street near the temple, and at the Wanhua History Exhibition Center.

Combining community development, community welfare, cultural history, cultural and creative items on display, handicrafts, green and organic elements, and family games, the marketplace represents the epitome of Wanhua's diverse dimensions, and the exciting array of booths available awaits your discovery!

According to Wanhua District Director Chan Tien-pao, the purpose of the holiday marketplace is to highlight Wanhua's local features, and therefore the locations selected include Bangka Qingshui Temple, (known as one of the 3 major temples in Taipei City alongside Longshan Temple and Dalongdong Baoan Temple) and the Wanhua District History Exhibition Center, the first cultural heritage preservation venue in Taipei City's 12 districts. The holiday marketplace is combined with the city's 2019 population policy campaign themes including "Getting Married and Starting a Family at the Right Age – Enjoying the Company of Your Children", "Housing Policy Helps Citizens to Start Families – Friendly Environments Suitable for People of All Ages", and "New Residents, Foreign and Overseas Chinese Staying in Taiwan and Making a Contribution".

On the day of the event, 34 organizations turned out to support the function, providing a plethora of booths designed for the entire family. It is hoped that the holiday marketplace featuring Wanhua's local delicacies, culture, and art, as well as ancient temples and venues that help to preserve the history of the region, will bring together the citizens' collective sentiments. With an emphasis on cherishing local cultural assets and values, the people will be able to gain a deeper insight into the history and culture of Wanhua.

The event will begin at 10:00, offering 10 highly popular gourmet food booths including Vietnam Warm Home Am Ap Tiem An Viet Nam, presenting sumptuous cuisine prepared with local ingredients and originality. Furthermore, there is also the Introduction to Wanhua's NGO Booths, consisting of 7 organizations including the Wan Hua Alliance. The close bond between the public and private sectors in Wanhua is illustrated by the multitude of participating organizations. In addition, there is also the Community Development Knowledge Exchange Booths formed by 5 community development organizations including Taiwan Community Practice Association (Shinan Shop), encompassing the northern, central, and southern Wanhua regions. The most popular theme is the "Creative Living and Children's Toy DIY", featuring nostalgic lottery games from the Wanhua Story House, bottle fishing games from the Wanhua Parent-Child Center, and old fashioned puffy sugar from the Taipei Tang-Bu Cultural Association. Come and discover more interesting booths!

The public is advised to take advantage of public transport to reach the venue. For those taking the MRT, please disembark at exit 1 of MRT Longshan Temple Station or exit 1 of MRT Ximen Station on Bannan Line to get to the venue. Alternatively, take the city bus, disembark at Qingshui Temple or Kangding Road intersection and head to the venue on foot. For more event details, please browse the Wanhua District Office's official website (https://whdo.gov.taipei/).