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Mayor Visits Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Expresses Gratitude to Staff

Mayor Ko with staff members of the Taipei Veterans General HospitalMayor Ko Wen-je arrived at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital on July 19. He expressed his gratitude to the staff members of the institution for their support of the government’s pandemic prevention effort and presented the hospital with honorarium and gratitude certificate.
During his speech, the mayor thanked the hospital’s superintendent Hsu Heui-heng and staff for arranging dedicated sickbeds, conducting large scale PCR testing, and supplying quarantine hotels with remote outpatient services during the darkest hours of the pandemic.
The mayor pointed out that Taipei Veterans General Hospital made available a total of 246 dedicated sickbeds – including 210 sickbeds in the regular ward and 36 ICU sickbeds. The institution has also accepted 283 COVID-19 patients, among which 85 are classified as severe cases.
He also learned that the hospital played an important role in the implementation of COVID-19 testing at an electronic factory at Miaoli County where a cluster was reported. That is why Ko asked for their support for testing at Binjiang, Wanda, and Huannan markets. He is extremely impressed and thankful of their aid at critical moments and expressed the deepest gratitude of the city government to the hospital staff.
Ko mentioned that aside from COVID-19 testing, Taipei Veterans General Hospital also helped with remote outpatient services at quarantine hotels. As a former doctor, the mayor understands Taipei the institution’s role as a critical care hospital. In the area of vaccination, Taipei Veterans General Hospital has already administered 36,000 vaccine shots.