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2019 Neihu Culture and Arts Festival Invites All for a Blast in Neihu

* The Neihu District Office will be hosting a Taiwan-Japan Street Carnival at the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts (NTCPA) (No. 177, Sec. 2, Neihu Rd.) and nearby Neihu Old Street beginning at 4pm on April 27, 2019.

The special event will once again invite Awa Odori Dance Troupe from Suginami-ku of Tokyo, Japan, who received high acclaim during their last performances in Taiwan in 2015 and 2017. This time, the troupe will be working with Taiwan’s top arts talents from NTCPA, as well as representatives from the District’s schools and community organizations, to perform at the street party. The parade will start at the NTCPA and continue along Neihu Rd. Sec. 2 and will be a display of traditional arts and culture, dance, and music from different countries. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the party!

To make sure that spectators can enjoy the performances up close, the organizer is setting up 3 performance areas (NTCPA, Neihu Public Hall, and Jiantou Earth God Temple). All participating groups will take turns performing on the main stage at NTCPA, beginning at 4:30pm on the event date. At 6pm, they will begin their parade and stop at Neihu Public Hall and Jiantou Earth God Temple to perform. Along the way, performers will be able to interact with local residents as they bring the most spectacular street carnival to Neihu.

Neihu District Director Lin stated that the event is focused on offering a multi-faceted culture and arts experience for all. To promote cultural exchange between Taiwan and Japan, the Awa Odori Dance Troupe and various performing groups from the NTCPA will be bringing a medley of international folk arts and culture shows. In addition, Neihu Safety and Health Promotion Association, Nei-hu Community College Samba Drums Team, St. Bonaventure Girls' Senior High School Cheerleading Team, Saint Francis High School students, Taren Girls’ High School Competitive Cheerleading Team, Sanmin Junior High School Lion Dance and Drum Team, Bihu Elementary School Starlight Dance Troupe, Taipei City Neihu Gentlemen Association, Hui-Chun Dance Theatre, Taipei Mazu Charity Association, Jia Zi Saxophone Band, and talented diabolo artist Cheng Yung-tsang will also be invited to take part and show off results from their long hours of conscientious practice.

On April 27, they will parade from NTCPA and along the surrounding streets, and Neihu Old Street will surely enjoy a night of endless laughter, energy and stunning sights.

Each one of the dedicated performing groups will need your encouragement and support on the street, so we are sincerely inviting all to come out and experience the charm and fun of our street carnival! For more information of the street carnival, please visit Neihu District Office.