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Overview of the Personnel Affairs of Taipei City Government

The Department of Personnel manages all personnel affairs by consistently adhering to the Mayor’s governing philosophies and policy directives, as well as the central personnel legal rules. The main activities and tasks in 2020 are as follows:
   (A) Actual and Correct Review on the Number of Budgeted Employees
The number of budgeted employees of the Government on Feb. 29,2020 was 78,416 personnel, and there was an increase of 285 personnel comparing to the number on Jan. 1, 2019. The main reasons for the increase were the need of personnel by Nangang Precinct,Taipei City Police Department and Neihu Precinct,Taipei City Police Department in order to correspond the Taipei East Gateway Explanatory Plan and Neihu Expansion and Development Plan for the City, the need of personnel by Taipei City Fire Department in order to reach the personnel number expected by National Fire Agency,and the need of meeting the requirement in national policy and expanding the capacity of healthcare combined with care services.
    (B) Implement employment by exam
1.Apply for 1,436 each of senior and junior civil service examinations.
2.Since April 2006, the employment of contract employees, project technicians and handymen by all agencies and schools under the Government has had to be appointed to the Employment Services Office for conducting public auditions.
    (C) Care about underprivileged groups
1.Employ 3,112 people with mental and physical disabilities (1,117 over quota) at a total employment rate of 155.99%; employ 559 indigenous people (273 over quota) at a total employment rate of 204.76%.
2.Provide 340 summer job openings for university students of parents of unemployed labors who are low-income, physically and mentally handicapped, indigenous, or financially supporting families alone.
    (D) Corresponding Measures Planned for COVID-19
All agencies and schools under the Government shall plan and establish corresponding teams, plan for workforce, alternative places or segmented working and evaluate the facilitation of working from home in accordance with the "Guidelines for the Use of Workforce and Corresponding Measures for Offices in Response to COVID-19".
    (E) Implement personnel operation computerization
Set up a personnel operation electronic form online submission system and promoted online submitting of routine forms. This ended up with 2,149 personnel position change announcement, 5,890 online registrations; 336 events, 74,299 participants; 991 questionnaires, and 250,516 online filling in and filing.