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Travel with Namewee through Taipei City: Go wherever, Eat whatever, Say whatever

In continuation to promoting Taipei tourism in Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian regions, the Department of Information and Tourism invited Golden Melody Awards nominee Namewee to Taipei for a promotional video. On the day of filming, Commissioner of the Department of Information and Tourism Chien Yu-yen brought squid, Buddha jumps over the wall, meat buns, and ten other Taiwanese traditional bites around Ci Sheng Temple to express her gratitude towards Namewee for filming on the morning right after the Golden Melody Awards. Through a promotional video starring Namewee, a star in Singapore and Malaysia, the Department of Information and Tourism wishes to reach more Southeast Asian countries in discovering the charm of Taipei.

Namewee, the songwriter and rapper that has gained immense popularity through Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taipei, acts as the perfect bridge between Singapore and Malaysia and Taipei. During the breaks in between filming, Namewee also offered Chien to join in on the feast and took goofy pictures together.

Namewee studied in Taipei for university and he called upon his life experiences as inspiration for his song writing. For example, in “Trip to Taipei”, he mentions Taipei as his second home and expresses his homesickness for Taipei. Upon his return back to his second home, Namewee films the promotional video, “Namewee’s Taipei trip: Go wherever, Eat whatever, Say whatever”, in his own witty style to show Southeast Asian tourists his way of traveling through Taipei.

Born in Johor, Malaysia, Namewee has various identities such as rapper, director and actor. Not only has he written many songs, he has also filmed and acted in movies and films, making him the embodiment of a multi-talented entertainer. His music style consists of mostly hip-hop and rap and incorporates Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Malay and Thai in his songs. His humorous and sarcastic personality had gained him popularity through Southeast Asian regions as his Facebook fans reached 1.5million and his total Youtube views 160 million. The nomination this year as the Best Male Singer in the Golden Melody Awards further solidifies his influence in Asian pop music.

For less-known attractions, Namewee recommends the historical Dadaocheng. Tourists can see the early temples of Taiwan at Ci Sheng Temple and experience the local food culture that has its origins decades ago. In this site that mixes modernity and history, not only can one wander through the old streets and architecture, but one can also visit the small cafes and creative stores to fully experience the local atmosphere. The Songshan Cultural and Creative Park that was initially a tobacco factory shows the success of Taipei’s cultural and creative industries and offers DIY as well as the latest designs on display. The must-go Ximending also doubles as Namewee’s most familiar street where tourists can visit the internationally-known karaoke places after they shop ‘til they drop at Ximending.

Follow Namewee’s footsteps and travel through Taipei in a new way and experience Taipei through a new perspective.