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Mayor Attends Tunnel Penetration Ceremony at MRT Wanda Line Construction Site

Mayor Chiang visiting the construction site of the MRT tunnelOn March 6, Mayor Chiang Wan-an arrived at the construction site of LG05 MRT Yongping Elementary School Station to attend the tunnel penetration ceremony of MRT Wanda Line. 


During his address, the mayor recalled the opening of Taipei’s first MRT line on March 28, 1996. As a student enrolled at National Chengchi University, the Muzha Line played an important role in his daily commute. He used to take the train to Taipei Zoo and board a bus to his school. Comprises 131 stations, the mass transit network measures 152 kilometers in total length and is the dominate mode of commute for people living in Greater Taipei.


Chiang remarked that Taipei’s metro system boasts a relatively high ranking among subway systems around the world in areas such as operation stability and safety. He expressed his gratitude to all who have contributed to the construction and maintenance of the MRT system.


The mayor noted that the quality of work for the LG05 station has been recognized by numerous authorities, helping the city government claim a special award from the Taiwan Concrete Institute and the Public Construction Golden Quality Award from the Executive Yuan’s Public Construction Commission.


According to the mayor, the first phase of Wanda Line’s construction will connect it to both the Tamsui Line and Songshan Xindian Line. In the future, the new line will link up with the Xinlu Line by the end of second phase construction, helping to relieve traffic congestions around Huazhong Bridge and Fuzhou Bridge. 


At the end of his speech, Chiang expressed his gratitude to all the workers who took part in project. They are the real heroes, as their efforts will ensure a safe and convenient commute environment for the public.