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​DOH: Taipei City’s COVID Update for November 23

​DOH: Taipei City’s COVID Update for November 23The Department of Health (DOH) reported one imported COVID-19 case for Taipei City on November 23. Case 16647 is a female in her teens who arrived in Taiwan from Indonesia. She was tested positive during her quarantine.
According to DOH, the Level 2 COVID Alert will be effective through November 29 for the entire island. The public should continue to implement safe practices such as contact-tracing registration, face mask, social distancing, coughing etiquette, and frequent hand-washing. They should also avoid unnecessary gatherings and seek medical attention if experiencing notable symptoms. For pandemic-related questions, please call the 1922 pandemic prevention hotline or DOH (TEL: 02-2375-3782).
Regarding government-funded flu vaccine, a total of 518,888 individuals in Taipei have been vaccinated as of November 22. Among the recipients, 75,622 people were inoculated at 493 community vaccination stops. A total of 6,724 senior citizens also took their pneumococcal shots at the same time.
For information on the community vaccination stops, please contact your local borough offices, district health centers, or visit the Chinese website of DOH. The agency reminds the public that vaccines require 2 weeks to take effect. Individuals can book a flu vaccine at any of the 339 contracted hospitals and clinics in Taipei City.
DOH reminds the public that there is a possibility for vaccine recipients to develop fever-like symptoms after receiving the shot (≧38℃). Such fever often subsides within 48 hours. In the case where the fever lasts beyond 48 hours, or where the individual shows signs such as shortness of breath, headaches, fast heartbeat, or rashes, please seek medical attention immediately.