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Deputy Mayor Shares Rough Picture of Taipei’s Stimulus Policies

Deputy Mayor Huang at the flower marketDuring a visit to the Neihu Flower Market on June 8, Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan talked 

about the details of Taipei’s upcoming stimulus policies with the press.
According to Huang, Mayor Ko Wen-je has already given related instructions last month on possible approaches. Regarding the use of Senior Cards, the original budget allocated remain largely intact – perhaps due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the first half of the year, where many elders find it safer to be at home.
With this in mind, the city government is exploring ways to link the unused budget with the upcoming stimulus voucher program of the central government. A possible approach includes having senior citizens link their stimulus vouchers with their Senior Card/EasyCard. With the central government funding the NT$2,000 voucher, the city government is able to subsidize another NT$1,000. A more accurate estimation is expected by June 10.
In response to journalist question whether Taipei have any plans to help businesses similar to the one proposed by New Taipei City which offers 20-percent discount for touring and accommodations in the municipality, the deputy mayor pointed out that the Department of Information and Tourism has already proposed a plan which the mayor has already given the go-ahead.
Huang explained that the primary objective is to encourage tour agencies to bring more visitors to Taipei. City Hall will provide some subsidies for visitors who stay at local hotels, patronize local shops, and dine at local restaurants. Of course, partner shops and restaurants will also offer special deals and bargains. Another possible bonus is organizing raffles through QR code scanning to provide everyone with a chance to win.
The deputy mayor expressed hope that the finalized version of Taipei’s stimulus package support plan will be unveiled before July 1.