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DADO to Organize Guided Tour of Former Air Force Command HQ Site

Daan District Office (DADO) will be organizing a tour of the former Air Force Command Headquarters in the afternoon on Saturday, July 30.
When people talk about military zones, they often think of heavily guarded establishments that are off-limits to most citizens. However, with the relocation of the Air Force Command Headquarters and the site handed over to the Executive Yuan, the public will now have a chance to visit this mysterious site.
The site was the Industrial Research Institute of the Governor-general of Taiwan, which was founded in 1939. Following Taiwan’s retrocession, it became the industrial research institution for the new government. In 1950, it became the home to the Air Force Command Headquarter and played an important role in various military confrontations above the Taiwan Strait.
Many buildings on the site have their respective historical values, witnessing changes across era, from Japanese colonial rule, Cold War, to the democracy of today. The Operations and Intelligence Center used to be a meeting place for Air Force Commander and his advisors. The various gates, bunkers, and sentry stations across the campus all reflect the military design of the respective eras. After the relocation of the HQ, the Executive Yuan decided in 2015 to preserve the entire site and dedicate the base to the development of innovation and creative industries.
DADO Director Su Su-chen noted that this event seeks to bring the public inside the grounds of the once forbidden military camp, allowing people to learn more about the history of the military history through the site.
The “2016 Walk-and-read Daan Cultural Festival – Historical Site Coffee Shop Old Air Force Command HQ” will take place starting 3 PM on the day of the event. Address of the former Air Force Command HQ: No. 55, Section 3, Renai Road, Daan District.