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​Beitou Hot Spring Museum Celebrates 23rd Anniversary with Exhibition

​Beitou Hot Spring Museum Celebrates 23rd Anniversary with ExhibitionAs one of the more renowned museums in Beitou District, the Beitou Hot Spring Museum will celebrate its 23rd anniversary with a 3-week-long exhibition between October 20 and November 14.
The main themes of festivities include “Hot Spring Paradise,” “Hot Spring Blessings,” and “Hot Spring Healing.” There will also be 6 sessions of “Beitou Family Crest” reading tours, as well as 16 hands-on DIY classes, 4 seminars, and a fair.
At the Beitou Hot Sping Museum’s main pool area, the organizers transformed the space into a giant ice parlor which showcases three gigantic bowls of “shaved ice” to represent the aspects of convenient access, fun, and rich contents of the district. From rickshaws to traditional geisha performance to soda, the display highlights the transportation, entertainment, and dining culture of Beitou over the past century.
At the museum building, the organizers collaborated with the 88-year-old Japanese public bathhouse Kosugiyu to hold the “Sento Gathering” exhibition on the public bath culture of both Taiwan and Japan. Under the guidance of the first appointed Bathhouse Ambassador Stephanie Crohin, participants will learn about the appeal of traditional public bathhouse culture. Also, on October 30 (the day of the museum’s birthday), Kosugiyu will offer “Beitou hot spring” at its bathhouse for customers, allowing them to experience the soothing quality of the water in Japan. 
The handicraft DIY class will feature products such as papercraft, stamps, bath balls, painted glass, and candles which integrate symbols and imageries of Beitou. The four seminars will explore topics from public bathhouse culture to the values of hot springs. On November 13 and 14, there will be a fair and performances in the area to celebrate the Beitou Hot Spring Museum’s birthday.