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Taipei Friendly Store Stories Daytrip: Now Accepting Registration

The shelf at a Chinese herbal medicine shopTo promote Taipei Friendly Stores, the Taipei City Office of Commerce (TCOOC) continues to offer daytrips highlighting hands-on experience at a number of these establishments in 2022.
From August 13 through October 22, the agency will host 8 daytrips at 6 commercial districts in Taipei City. These tours allow participants to experience the unique atmosphere, neighborhood history, cultural foundation, and heartwarming services of Taipei Friendly Stores in the respective districts.
The first wave of daytrips offers three destinations to choose from: Taipei Expo Park, Wanhua, and Gala-ah. Registration for the tours is free of charge, but only a limited number of positions is available, so hurry!
The tour at Taipei Expo Park will take the participants on a walk through the park’s Yuanshan Area, as well as a number of Taipei Friendly Stores at the Yuanshan Commercial District. They will also have a chance at making their own lucky charms. For the Wanhua daytrip, participants will stop by Taipei Friendly Stores in the vicinity of Longshan Temple and Shintomicho Cultural Market, as well as attending a herb tea-brewing session at Herb Lane. Gala-ah, located in southern Wanhua, is a commercial district with large number of stores operated by locals. The trip here will take visitors to Taipei Friendly Stores hidden in the lanes and alleyways around Rishan Park, with a focus on traditional Chinese medicine shops. Participants will have a chance to learn more about the ingredients and make their own bag of herbs.
According to TCOOC, the agency invited local businesses to join the ranks of Taipei Friendly Stores starting in 2016. These stores boast the following traits and services: language-friendly (English, Japanese, and Korean); mobile device recharging; free WiFi; obstacle-free access; gender-friendly; third-party payment; vegetarian-friendly; Muslim-friendly; restroom access; fair-trade friendly; breast-feeding friendly; and cyclist-friendly. With the addition of “period-friendly” element this year, Taipei Friendly Stores welcome customers with accommodating and friendly environment in 15 areas.
For more information on registration and the daytrips, please visit the Chinese activity website (Link), registration website (Link), or the Facebook fan page of TCOOC (Link).