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15 Movie Theatres Advertising for Online Bookings

Movie theatres meet its peak season during summer break every year. As the highly advertised movies go in theatres, large crowds also flock to the long lines to buy tickets. However, online bookings can prevent people from having to spend time lining up and can also allow people to choose their own seats. The Taipei Department of Information and Tourism has collaborated with 15 movie theatres who have offered deals to advertise the benefits of online bookings from July 15th to August 31st. Additionally, the Department of Information and Tourism has also planned raffle prizes that will be announced in late July and will also specifically praise the theatres who have had excellent services.

Head of Mass Media Affairs Division Huan-hui Yeh states that Taipei citizens love to watch movies and that there are over 10 million viewers every year, leading to a 3 billion NTD box office. As hit movies come into theatres, the ticket stand would be filled with long lines, causing people to fret over the lack of tickets once it’s their turn or the lack of nice seats. Thus, tickets can be booked as early as 7 days prior to the date and is a more convenient alternative.

The movie theatres involved in this program includes Vieshow, Ambassador, ShowTimes, Miramar and 11 other chain movie theatres as well as independent movie theatres such as Halarlife, Century Asia, Eslite and Broadway.

Of the three cinemas by Vieshow, there is a 25% off deal for à la carte items and sets that include movie tickets, drinks and popcorn. Members of the three cinemas by Ambassador can enjoy discounted tickets as well as free processing fees. The three cinemas by ShowTime has a 20% off deal for large popcorns with the online ticket sub of the day. The members of the two cinemas by Miramar can also enjoy free processing fees as well as bonus points that can be exchanged into gifts. Harlife Cinemas offers discounted food and drinks as well as a 10% off discount on various items. Century Asia Cinemas offer a 1NT drink when customers receive their tickets from online bookings. Members of the Eslite Cinemas can enjoy discounted tickets and 10% off items. Broadway Cinemas offer coupons for small popcorns as well as 10NTD off medium sized soft drinks. Customers can also look at each website for details.

Moreover, in order to encourage citizens to book tickets online, the Department of Information and Tourism will be organising raffle prizes that include small backpacks and other useful souvenirs. Details will be announced in late July. During the time of the event, customers who book tickets online must keep their booking receipts to participate in the raffle prizes. The Department of Information and Tourism will also be praising the theatres who had spectacular services.