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The Strawberry Season of Neihu 2020 – Riding the Free Shuttle Bus Is Convenient and Effortless

Strawberry Season of Neihu 2020 venue map The Strawberry Season of Neihu 2020 kicked off at the White Stone Valley leisure agricultural area on February 15. Strawberry production is in full swing from March to May; in order to resolve the problem of traffic congestion and parking in certain road sections caused by heavy traffic during the strawberry season in the Baishihu region, Taipei City Government’s Department of Economic Development (DOED) has collaborated with the Police Department’s Neihu Police Precinct to provide a free shuttle bus service during the Neihu District strawberry season (March 14–May 10), where in addition to the S2 bus operated by the Taipei City Public Transportation Office every Saturday, Sunday and during the Qingming Festival long weekend, free shuttle bus services will be available for 20 days (March 14/15/21/22/28/29, April 2/3/4/5/11/12/18/19/25/26, and May 2/3/9/10, from 09:00 to 17:00). Details are as follow:

Free shuttle bus service will be provided during the said time on the right side of exit no. 1 of MRT Neihu Station. Route: Section 4 of Chenggong Road–Jinlong Road–Section 3 of Neihu Road–Bishan Road–Shikan (starting at MRT Neihu Station bus station, the bus will reach its final destination at the Bishanyan archway and turn around; after reaching Xuanming Temple, the bus will travel along Bishan Road and make a stop at the sightseeing strawberry park (stops upon hailing). For the return leg, the bus will make a stop at Bishanyan archway before reaching the MRT Neihu Station bus station directly.

Neihu Police Precinct to Reinforce Traffic Control Measures at Road Sections Prone to Congestion

The DOED has requested all frontline employees to wear surgical masks at all times, while the seats, armrests, and grab poles frequently touched by passengers are disinfected every 8 hours. Currently, the disinfection operation is carried out by the driver and the cleaning staff during the hours before departure and after lunchbreak or after lunchbreak and the end of shift using rubbing alcohol or diluted bleach. Thorough disinfection is implemented to ensure the passengers’ peace of mind.

People intending to visit the Baishihu region to pick fruits in the orchards and admire the picturesque scenery are advised to take advantage of public transport. If you are driving there, please do not park illegally. During every Saturday, Sunday and the Qingming Festival long weekend, citizens are asked to park their vehicles at parking lots near the MRT Neihu Station and take the free shuttle bus or S2 shuttle bus to embark on a light agricultural tour in Taipei City.