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Current Workforce Status

The Department of Personnel, Taipei City Government has been implementing various workforce affairs in cohesion with the mayor’s governance concepts and policy instructions, and in consideration of the personnel legislation of the central government. Our workforce policies and tasks in 2021 are as follows:
I. Updating organization regulations for a more appropriate organization
In response to the needs for business development of individual departments, the organization regulations of the Public Works Department of Taipei City Government, Taipei City Police Department and precincts, Department of Information Technology, and Taipei City Haoran Senior Citizens Home of the Taipei City Government to rationalize the organizational structure of the Taipei City Government and maximize the effective use of limited resources. The total budget posts for 2021 are 78,172. For the reasonable allocation of the budget posts of all TPCG agencies and schools, the Department of Personnel, Taipei City Government will establish the 2022 Budget Post Review Task Force in collaboration with the Department of Finance, Department of Budgets, Accounting and Statistics, and Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission to review the budget posts of different types of workforce. The results will be submitted to the 2022 Planning and Budget Review Committee for evaluation.
II. Realization of recruitment by examination
(I) Applicants applying for senior and junior examinations in various categories: 1,301 persons.
(II) From April 2006, all new contract employees, technicians, and janitors of Taipei City Government agencies and schools must be hired through the open recruitment process of the Taipei City Employment Services Offices. 
III. Care for the Vulnerable
(I) We hired a total of 3,169 persons with disabilities, with 1,073 persons more than the quota and a total employment rate of 151.19%. We also hired a total of 563 indigenous people, with 292 persons more than the quota and a total employment rate of 207.75%.
(II) We provided 340 work-study vacancies for the children from low-income households, persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples, and unemployed family supporters in the Taipei City.
IV. Promotion of e-management of workforce 
We build the workforce e-management form system to promote e-forms for routine work. So far, for a total of 2,237 announcements for promotion, transfer, and job switches, 6,146 persons completed registration, and 336 activities with 74,299 participants were organized as well as 1,096 surveys with 256,384 respondents being achieved over the e-management system.