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Neihu Recycled Furniture Center to Hold Annual Sale

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will hold its end-of-year refurbished furniture sale at Neihu Recycled Furniture Exhibition Center and Auction House between 9 AM and 5 PM on January 17.
The event will be presided over by DEP Commissioner Liou Ming-lone. He invites the public to seize this opportunity to acquire quality secondhand household articles, maximizing the use of valuable resources.
According to DEP, the sale features a variety of antique wood pieces such as Taiwan cypress cupboards, cabinets, and desks, China berry chest of drawers, camphorwood trunks, as well as old-school bicycles. All items start at 70-percent-off market prices!
The auction event also highlights hot deals and activities such as Yanhui Book Warehouse special winter break offers, cypress sawdust packs giveaway for the first 100 early birds, a further 10-percent to 20-percent discount for every purchase of NT$10,000, Taiwan cypress coasters, used goods charity sale, and more!
The agency pointed out that the 500 pieces of furniture appearing at the auction are recycled, repaired, and given new life by professionals. The event serves to educate people on the virtue of cherishing goods while helping to reduce the amount of garbage.