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2016 Public transportation service during Yangmingshan blossom season and Calla lily season

Starting on January 30 and ending on April 17, the Taipei Public Transportation Office negotiated with the Metropolitan Transport Corporation and San Chung Bus Company to carry crowds of people visiting Yangmingshan. Bus routes included Bus 127 departing from central city with destination at Yangmingshan (MRT Jiantan Station – Yangmingshan 2nd car park), Bus 124 going around Yangmingshan (Xiaoyokeng – Yangmingshan 2nd car park – Yangmingshan bus terminal), Bus 125 (Blossom clock – Yangmingshan bus terminal), Bus 130 (Yangmingshan 2nd car park – Yangming bookstore), Bus 131 (Yangmingshan 2nd car park – Zhuzi Lake) and Bus 131 zone (Yangmingshan 2nd car park – Hutian Community Center – Dinghu). Recreational buses 128 and 129 were extended to Zhuzi Lake. Only Buses 128 and 129 charged two-section fare, and other buses charged one-section fare. Apart from that Buses 127, 128, 129 and 131 zone operated only during holidays, other buses operated every day.
The Bus 131 zone for blossom season was a new bus route planned this year. It serviced people who want to visit Zhuzi Lake. The Bus 124 for blossom season continued its service since last year that it stopped at Xiaoyokeng and Chixingshan. These buses departed from Yangmingshan bus terminal and Yangmingshan 2nd car park. People were welcome to access to the public transportation service to avoid traffic jam and looking for parking lots. For details about bus routes and public transportation transfer during blossom season, please refer to attachment.
According to the Taipei Public Transportation Office, the final bus of Buses 124, 125, 127, 128, 129, 130 and 131 departed one hour earlier at 17:00 from February 8 to 12. On the Chinese New Year Eve on February 7, the final bus of the said buses departed earlier at 15:00, and the bus interval was also extended. However, bus service providers would adjust the interval depending on weather and crowds. People would have to pay attention to bus schedule information. Any enquiries could be made by contacting bus dispatch stations or visiting 5284 Bus Information website (5284.taipei.gov.tw) or dialing the Taipei Citizen Service Hotline 1999.
People with disabilities who want to go to Yangmingshan could ride Bus 260 (including Bus 260 zone and blossom line) departing from Taipei railway station. The 260 buses were all low-floor buses (2 special seats for wheelchairs), and among these buses, two were large special service buses (6 special seats for wheelchairs). Bus Red 5 departing from MRT Jiantan Station and going to Yangmingshan bus terminal was another option. The Red 5 buses were also low-floor buses. Special service minibuses were also available going between the Blossom Clock and Erziping (stop over Yangming bookstore). Taipei special service taxi was also open for booking by contacting Taipei Star Taxi on 412-8333 (5510 from mobile phone). Alternatively, booking can be made by contacting the Taipei Public Transportation Office on toll-free 0800-055850 (extension 3).