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MAO Launches Reusable Tableware at Night Market Dining Area

night market food vendors The Environmental Protection Administration has made an advance announcement to expand the scope of restriction on using disposable tableware, and it has authorized various municipalities to implement the policy accordingly.

Since 2017, the Market Administration Office (MAO) has supported Taipei City Government’s plastic and waste reduction policy by assisting night market food vendors to replace disposable tableware with reusable ones for their dine-in patrons.

Eating out with peace of mind is one of the important policies of Taipei City Government. In light of the severe negative impact of disposable and melamine tableware on the environment and people’s health, the MAO has launched a campaign to replace disposable and melamine tableware in night markets since 2017.

Night market food vendors providing patrons with seating and tableware within the office’s jurisdiction are encouraged to replace disposable tableware with clay, ceramic, glass or stainless steel reusable tableware by offering the night market management committee 50% subsidy on the expenses. The aim is to let consumers progressively change their eating habits within an eco-friendly and healthy dining environment, in turn minimizing the use of disposable and melamine tableware by replacing them with reusable tableware in everyday life.

According to the MAO, since the launch of the campaign, 267 vendors from 9 night markets including Ningxia Night Market, Liaoning St. Night Market, Dalong St. Night Market, Yanping N. Rd. Sec. 3 Night Market, Shuangcheng St. Night Market, Linjiang St. Night Market, Nanjichang Night Market, Huaxi St. Night Market, and Nanchang Rd. Night Market have applied for tableware replacement subsidies.

In 2019, reusable tableware replacement is expected to be completed in Guangzhou St. Night Market, Wuzhou St. Night Market, Xichang St. Night Market, and Raohe Night Market, allowing the public to enjoy gourmet food and look after their health.