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​DOH: Taipei City’s COVID Update for September 30

DOH: Taipei City’s COVID Update for September 30The Department of Health (DOH) reported a total of 1 imported COVID-19 case for Taipei City on September 30. The patient is a woman in her 40s who arrived from the US on September 16. The screening taken on September 28 showed positive results on September 29.
BNT Vaccine Shots for Students
Regarding vaccination for local students, DOH pointed out that a total of 83,970 students have received their first Pfizer-BioNTech (BNT) vaccine shot between September 22 and 29. Within the 6-day period, a total of 952 students among these reported side effects, but for the majority of them, the symptoms subsided after a few days of rest. Currently, there are still 5 individuals who remain in the hospital with symptoms such as heavy breathing, upset stomach, and chest pain.
Second Moderna Vaccine Shot for Elders 70 or Above
As for senior citizen vaccination, nearly 80,000 elders above the age of 70 in Taipei City made appointments for their second Moderna vaccine shot between September 28 and 29. The vaccine will be administered between October 1 through 7. For those who were unable to book a shot due to computer access, they can still register by calling any of the 12 district offices between October 7 and 8 to schedule appointments between October 13 and 15.
Government-funded Flu Shots Available Starting October 1
The government-funded flu shot will be administered across 2 stages starting October 1. For those qualifying for the shot who are adults between 50 and 64 who don’t belong to high risk groups and are not chronic disease patients, vaccination will be available starting November 15. The starting date is October 1 for the rest who are eligible for the shot, including medical personnel; pandemic prevention workers; elders above 65; individuals living or working at care centers, nursing homes, and senior homes; preschool toddlers older than six month; pregnant women; those with increased risk of developing chronic disease; BMI equal to or more than 30; rare or severe disease patients; elementary through high school students; parents with infants under 6 months old; nursery school and kindergarten staff, and workers in animal husbandry industry and animal disease prevention.  
There are a total of 316 clinics and hospitals in Taipei City contracted by the government to administer flu shot in 2021. DOH reminds those who are planning for a shot to leave a gap of at least 7 days between the flu shot and other types of vaccinations (such as COVID-19 vaccine).
In addition, pneumococcal vaccine is available for elders 65 or older with residency in Taipei City and for those 75 or above who are residents of other municipalities. The pneumococcal vaccine can be administered along with the flu shot.
For more information on the various vaccines, please call the Taipei City Vaccination Hotline (02-2375-4341) or visit the Chinese website of DOH (https://health.gov.taipei).