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APO Presents ID, Numbered Feeding Bowl to Street Dog Feeding Volunteers

The numbered feeding bowls used by volunteers to feed street dogsSince the implementation of the TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccination and Return) Program in 2016, the returned street dogs have experienced the compassion and care by numerous individuals and volunteers.
To assuage the concerns that dog feeding creates a mess and potential human-canine conflicts, the Animal Protection Office (APO) began implementing measures such as educating volunteer dog feeders, creating a friendly environment for street dogs, and promoting clean feeding environment in 2020.
As of today, the agency has completed the training of 20 dog-feeding volunteers and presented each of them with a volunteer ID during a ceremony on July 23, 2020. Each of the volunteers also received a numbered feeding bowl for the purpose of program management and the implementation of an animal-friendly city.
The agency pointed out that the training program for street dog friendly volunteers emphasizes clean feeding environment, with experienced staff from private sector animal protection groups and the Department of Environmental Protection serving as instructors.
The APO and partner agencies will determine designated feeding time and feeding locations for each district, mandating volunteers to use assigned feeding bowls as a part of the management scheme. The numbered bowls and volunteer ID will offer reference material in the case where volunteers do not clean up the surrounding after scheduled feeding. These measures also ensure a balance between compassion for street dogs and keeping the environment clean.