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Zoo to Hold Eurasian Otter Carnival at Kinmen Elementary Schools

Taipei Zoo is joining hands with Kinmen County Government to organize the “Kinmen Otter Conservation and Education Carnival” to raise awareness among locals on protecting the endangered furry animals, as the county is the only municipality in Taiwan where traces of Eurasian otters could still be found.
The event will take place at the Kinmen County Social Affairs Building between 9 AM and noon on November 12. The organizers have invited National Taiwan Normal University professor Wang Ying, Tunghai University PhD graduate Yuan Shou-li, and renowned painter Yang En-sheng to speak on topics spanning ecological tourism to the current challenges for Eurasian otters.
There is only a small population of these naturally sensitive animals on the island, and their livelihood is constantly under threat by human activities. In 2014, through the support of the Forestry Bureau, Taipei Zoo adopted three baby Eurasian otters from Kinmen. While these young animals received good care at the zoo, it is important to protect the natural habitat of their peers as soon as possible.
Through this collaboration project, the zoo and Kinmen County Government integrate resources from many areas into the promotion of animal conservation and education for locals. The mascot created by Taipei Zoo will tour schools in Kinmen to educate the kids on these precious otters. There will also be performances by mascot characters from Taipei Zoo and other institutions.
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