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Come to the Taipei Expo Farmer’s Market to Search for Organic Water Lily

Farm raising organic water lilies Li Chao-Sung, the owner of Pine Farm in Yilan was originally in the construction business. His passion for life and traveling has endowed him with unique tastes. After suffering a major illness, his plans for the future were interrupted, and in an effort to get away from his exhausting work, he quit his job and returned to his hometown in Yilan in 2012, where he became the owner of Pine Farm and started cultivating organic water lilies.

Spending 4 Years to Nurture the Soil in a Bid to Stay Environmentally Friendly

Founded in 2012, Pine Farm is located in Luodong, which is blessed with an abundant supply of spring water that is conducive for growing aquatic plants. The pure, clean spring water is fed into the pool directly from the Luodong River. In 2014, the farm applied to become an organic farm, and after 4 years of diligent work, the farm was successfully transformed into an organic farm. In protecting customers’ health, the farm mainly produces water lily vinegar and water lily tea. At the same time, the farm’s organic environment has attracted a diverse species of flora and fauna to come here and grow, in turn forging a friendly relationship between the people and the land so that people and Mother Nature can coexist in harmony.

Discovering the Unique Appearance of the Water Lily

Li Chao-Sung owns a large pond full of organic water lilies that bloom throughout the year. Since the main production season is in summer, they become dormant in April and May, so the production of water lilies is less during said period. Water lilies are mild in nature, do not contain caffeine, and offer macrobiotic and soothing properties as well as abundant collagen. Starting from July 2016, the lily picking experience was unveiled to promote organic water lilies, where visitors to the farm can put on bib overalls to interact with the farm owner in the lily pool. Water lily fans are invited to visit the Taipei Expo Farmer’s Market during the holidays to taste lily flower tea, pick fresh lilies and purchase lily-related products. Fresh lilies can stay fresh for 3-4 days.

For more farmer’s market-related information, please refer to the Taipei Expo Farmer’s Market and “臺北市產業局-台北饗樂趣” Facebook page, or the Taipei Expo Farmer’s Market official website. Everyone is invited to join the treasure hunt! (The market opens from 10:00 to 18:00 every Saturday and Sunday, and is located inside the Taipei Expo Park, Yuanshan Park).