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Hydrangeas Bloom to Follow White Calla Lily Flowering Period at Zhuzihu

* Have you visited Zhuizhu to admire the white calla lilies yet? Don’t fret, the flowering period of white calla lilies continues until the end of May, so if you come to Yangmingshan now, you will still be able to catch a glimpse of the stunning fields of white calla lilies. So hurry up and seize the last flower viewing opportunity, otherwise you may have to wait until next year! On the other hand, hydrangeas on Yangmingshan are beginning to blossom under the radiant sun. For those who wish to appreciate hydrangeas and calla lilies, now is the time!

According to the Department of Economic Development (DOED), the 2019 Zhuizhu Hydrangea Festival will take place from May 18 to June 9, 2019. To facilitate venue access for the public, city buses departing Yangmingshan bound for Zhuizhu daily during the flower festival (starting May 4) include S8 and S9, while Leisure Bus Route 128 and 129 will operate during holidays.

In addition, Flower Festival Express (Route 131) will be introduced on May 11, providing passengers another option during the holidays. Citizens are welcome to utilize public transport to view flowers in Yangmingshan.

DOED indicated that the diverse species of hydrangeas at Zhuizhu come in myriads of colors. Currently, the white and lighter hydrangeas are beginning to bloom, with the vibrant violet and cyan-blue colored hydrangeas getting ready to blossom.

This year, there are 9 hydrangea plantations including Liang Chien Co., Ltd. and Afternoon Sunshine in Donghu, Flower Dale Calla Plantation, Jaifu Garden, Da Shang Yuan, and Ming Yang Pu Calla Plantation in Dinghu, as well as Flowers and Trees Horticulture, Terraced Field, and Liang Chien Co., Ltd. No. 2 in Xiahu (Calla Lily Boulevard). Each plantation's hydrangea species and environment are unique, ranging from flower walls and terraced fields, and others.

The organizers advise visitors to contact the relevant plantation before heading up the mountain to admire the hydrangea flowers. For more information on the DOED's activities, please browse the “臺北市產業局-台北饗樂趣” Facebook fan page or the official website of DOED.