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‘Letters to the Mayor’ Exhibit Features Insight from International Architects

On January 8, Mayor Ko Wen-je attended a press event for the opening of “Letters to the Mayor” exhibition—a showcase of letters written by international archetects to leaders of cities around the world.
During his address, Ko noted that there are three elements to policy formulation—public opinion, professionalism, and values. His administration is committed to upholding the values of open government and public participation as guide for governance.
Ko remarked that Taipei is privileged to become the first destination of Letters to the Mayor exhibition in Asia presented by New York based non-profit organization Storefront for Art and Architecture. He also expressed his gratitude to JUT Foundation for Arts and Architecture for making this showcase possible, hoping that the advice from participating architects will serve to help make the capital a livable city.
According to Ko, the letters are not merely intended for the mayor but for the city and the residents. He promised that the city government will delve into the insights and perspectives of these prominent figures in the field of architecture as reference for policymaking.
Letters to the Mayor exhibition will be touring Taipei and Taichung following its showing in New York, Athens, Panama, Bogota, Mariupol, and other cities. A total of 75 local and international architects will provide their reflection on cities of Taiwan.