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2019 Dalongdong Scholar Cultural Festival – Learning the Six Arts and Baby Grab Objects Activity Kicks Off

* On May 11 and 12, the Taipei City Dalongdong Cultural Shopping District Development Association hosted the 2019 Dalongdong Scholar Cultural Festival at the Liuyi Square next to the Confucius Temple in Dalongdong shopping district. The event is divided into 3 major themes: Baby Grab Objects at the Confucius Temple, Scholar Cultural and Creative Marketplace, and Mother's Day Celebration, allowing the public to experience the archaic traditional cultural ambiance of Dalongdong.

Taipei City Office of Commerce (TCOOC) Director Kao Chen-yuen commented that Dalongdong was formerly known as Daronpon, and was the hub of culture and education of northern Taiwan, featuring the well-known Baoan Temple, Confucius Temple, Wenchang Temple, Shuren Academy, and Sishisi Kan. The quaint charisma of the region has attracted outstanding young entrepreneurs bursting with creativity and vitality to open up stores on its streets and alleyways. Together with the local shopping district, Baoan Temple, and Confucius Temple, the area has been transformed into a unique shopping district with abundant history and culture. Recently, by sponsoring the Dalongdong shopping district to host the cultural festival, the cultural features of Dalongdong have become ingrained in people's hearts. As a result, during the school examination months of May and June every year, students flock to the Dalongdong shopping district to shop and pray for blessings.

Taipei City Dalongdong Cultural Shopping District Development Association Director He Ping-hung commented that the event is held in conjunction with the Confucius Temple's pray for blessings activity, where students are allowed to enter the “shallot (homophone for smart in Chinese) door” as per ancient customs and hang their blessing card on the “Kuixing Archway”, symbolizing their intelligence and praying for outstanding academic achievement. At the same time, a giant bamboo steamer will be placed at the scene, attracting 100 people to prepare zongzi, which is also a symbol of excellent academic achievement. Children turning one year old are invited to partake in the Baby Grab Objects activity to pray for success in all of their future endeavors. Everyone is welcome to Dalongdong to appreciate the traditional culture.

The event will take place on Dalong Street in Datong District, Taipei City and the Confucius Temple from 10:00 to 19:00 during May 11-12, 2019. The first day (May 11)'s activities revolve around the theme of students praying for blessing, learning the six ancient Arts, and Baby Grab Objects, and everyone is welcome to bring along their babies to participate in the activity. Day 2 (May 12) coincides with Mother's Day, therefore the Mother's Day thanksgiving activities including essential oil soap DIY, beautiful mother fashion show, Mother's Day carnations, and a date with flowers. Everyone is welcome to sign up for the activities on the event day; limited slots are available, so hurry up!

For registration information pertaining to the Baby Grab Objects activity, please browse the Dalongdong Cultural Shopping District’s “Baby Grab Objects at the Confucius Temple” (孔廟抓週趣) Facebook event page (https://pse.is/HP3AJ), or dial the registration hotline 0954-026-620 (Mr. Huang). The registration deadline is 12:00 on May 9; for more event information, please browse TCOOC’s Facebook fan page on “all the fun activities in Taipei” (https://www.facebook.com/tcooc/).