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New Amendment Strengthens Penalties for Repeated DUI Offenders

Police conducting roadside test to crack down on DUIThe Traffic Adjudication Office (TAO) announced that in compliance with the updated Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act, repeated offenders of DUI (driving under influence) and those who continue to refuse sobriety tests will be subjected to having their names, photos, and violations posted on the website of the Department of Transportation (DOT).
The changes have taken effect on March 31, 2022 and starting on July 1, individuals who are caught again for either drunk driving or refusal to take the sobriety test within a 10-year-period will face severe penalties for repeated offense. In addition to heavier fines, revoked license, and mandatory traffic safety lessons, the name, photo, and violation details of the offender will be made public on the designated website.
The first wave of announcement for Taipei City includes 1 offender who was cited for DUI on February 24, 2021, and again on April 1, 2022. In accordance with the revised regulation, the name, photo, and violation details of the offender has been released on the website of DOT (Link).
TAO reminds drivers not to drive after drinking, and not to drink when planning on driving. For those who have consumed alcoholic beverages, they should either hire a designated driver or take public transportation to avoid possible penalties and traffic accidents.
For any questions on the revision to the law, please visit the Chinese website of TAO (https://www.judge.gov.taipei/) or call the agency (TEL:02-23658270, ext. 9). Details are also available by calling the 1999 Citizens’ Hotline.