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Ningxia Market Introduces NT$50 Voucher for Stimulus Voucher Users

Unveiling the NT$50 night market vouchersThe Markets Administration Office (MAO) invites the public to come and enjoy what the 60-year-old Ningxia Night Market has to offer for shoppers who want to use the newly-issued stimulus vouchers!
For individuals who possess stimulus vouchers, he or she can exchange them for night market vouchers of NT$50 denomination at Ningxia Night Market. This makes the use of stimulus vouchers more efficient, enabling patrons to visit more stalls and try out different products.
In addition to inviting everyone to participate in the “Foodie Intersection” contest, the chairman and executive officer of the night market’s association Lin Ting-kuo and Lin Ting-wei announced that customers can exchange for the NT$50 vouchers with their stimulus vouchers at the night market starting July 15.
Of course, there will be numerous bargains regardless of whether customers shop with night market vouchers or stimulus vouchers. Ningxia Night Market offers 100 sets of modified Qiansui Banquets, which includes 2 extra entrees to the standard NT$3,000 meal. Another 100 portable multi-layered pots will be given away to customers who spend NT$3,000 or more at market stalls, and these are just examples of the activities. MAO welcomes everyone to shop, eat, and enjoy a wonderful night at Ningxia Night Market!
Furthermore, a total of 102 businesses at Ningxia Night Market has installed e-payment devices as of June 11, 2020. Among these, 64 stalls accept EasyCard. In light of the stimulus vouchers and to support the City’s policy on e-payment, Ningxia Night Market will not miss out the opportunity to bolster commerce! Beginning July 15, visitors can use their smartphone to pay for snacks and beverages as they explore what the hawkers have to offer.