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City Seeks Names for New Plaza at West District Traffic Hub

Parks and Street Lights Office invites the public to submit potential names for the new Jiaoliu Plaza—located at the convergence of six transit systems including Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taiwan Railways, Taipei MRT, Taoyuan International Airport MRT, and Taiwan Bus.
As part of the West District Gateway Project, Jiaoliu Plaza construction has commenced on November 1 following the relocation of Taipei West Bus Station and is slated for completion by the end of 2017 Chinese New Year holiday. The square, on the east side of Zhongxiao West Road and Chongqing North Road intersection, seeks to provide a pleasant rest area for commuters and visitors utilizing the City’s new traffic hub.
Designed in the concept of Taipei Travel Plaza, Jiaoliu Plaza is part of the City’s plan to build a tourism belt spotlighting historical sites such as the North Gate, Taipei Railway Station, and National Taiwan Museum. To enhance its image as the gateway of the island, the plaza will appear as the living room of a “green city” incorporating a selection of verdant trees and flowering shrubs from beech, sweetgum, to azaleas.
To the north of the plaza, an expansive lawn will span an area of 5,056 square meters with a capacity of 1,500 to 2,000 people, serving as a venue for performances, picnics, concerts, among other events. It will boast lighting installations to create illumination effects depending on different occasions and facilities echoing the red bricks of the North Gate.
Submissions will be accepted between November 19 and December 4, 2016. An i-voting event will be conducted to determine the winner out of a shortlist of nominees picked by the judge panel. The winner emerging from the online vote will receive NT$10,000 cash money.
Participants please note that the name for the plaza should contain no more than six Chinese characters. A description of the name and meanings behind it must be provided (no more than 100 words).
To join in and learn more about the naming contest, click the Chinese link below: