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TFD Reminds the Public to Prepare for Typhoon Danas

warns residents to prepare for the typhoon With Typhoon Danas rapidly approaching the southeastern part of Taiwan, the Central Weather Bureau issued the typhoon advisory over land for the affected region at noon on July 17. The Fire Department (TFD) warns residents to prepare for the typhoon, as the powerful storm is expected to impact the island from July 18 through 19.

According to TFD, residents can access the most up-to-date information spanning weather, flooding, to evacuation orders via the Taipei City Disaster Prevention Info Website (http://www.eoc.gov.taipei/taipeicityems1_public_en) or by installing the Taipei Mobile Disaster Prevention App (臺北市行動防災App) on their smartphones.

For the latest announcements on school/work cancellation, water levels, closing/opening of floodgates, or yellow/red line parking, simply add Taipei City Government as a friend on LINE to receive the latest notifications.

In addition, TFD reminds residents the following:

  • To report emergencies during the typhoon, please call 1999, 119, or 110.
  • Avoid leaving home during the typhoon to minimize chances of getting hit by fallen objects. In the event of power outage, avoid using candles. If the use of candle is necessary, make sure to exercise precaution.
  • For blocked sewers, clogged rain gutters or fallen trees, please call the 1999 Citizen’s Hotline.
  • For those living in low-lying regions, slope lands, or riverside areas, be on the watch out for heavy rain, flooding and landslide. Also, be ready for evacuation if things become worse.
  • Make sure you have the following items at home: radio, flashlight, first aid kit, drinking water, food, and daily essentials.
  • Examine electrical wiring and gas pipes; and pay extra attention when using stoves or furnaces to minimize the chance of fire.
  • Check all windows and doors at home. Bonsai and potted plants should be moved indoors. Loose objects should be secured to prevent strong winds from blowing them over.