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Smart transportation – 4G smart buses launched

As part of the “4G Smart City Project” promoted by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Taipei Public Transportation Office work along with the Asia Pacific Telecom on the “Smart Transportation Project”. The 4G smart bus launching ceremony was held today (Feb 25). At the ceremony, the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Department of Transportation and Department of Information Technology of Taipei City Government, Capital Bus Company, and the Smart Life Center of the Asia Pacific Telecom announced the launching of 4G smart bus (Bus 204).
Commented by the Taipei Public Transportation Office, bus is one of most common public transportation in Taipei City. With the purpose to provide better bus service, the project under collaboration with the Asia Pacific Telecom was believed to assure industrial upgrade, benefit residents and meet public demand. This project had installed 4G free WiFi on 35 buses of Bus 204 and 20 interior smart panels. This free WiFi service was to become available on 49 buses and 40 bus stops. That meant 4G WiFi would be provided on a total of 84 buses and 60 bus stops.
People could access to 4G WiFi fast speed Internet connection for 30 minutes on buses or around bus waiting pavilions, on which there were stickers showing “Gt 4G Wi-Fi Taipei Free Internet Connection”. This required no registration. When registration is open in the future, 3-hour free WiFi will be provided. According to the Office, depending upon positive feedback, the Office will expand the service, in order to provide more complete and bus facilities of the latest technology as well as smarter public transportation service.