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Smart City Mayors’ Summit Concluded with Cities Sharing Experience in Digital Transformation

The 2022 Smart City Mayors’ Summit concluded on Mar. 23. The three sessions of the summit took place on Mar 22 and 23, engaging 24 city leaders or representatives from across 15 countries at the conference and discussing how their local governments enforce the urban digital transformation in the post-pandemic era. Taipei City is represented by Mayor Ko Wen-je and Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan. The Summit takes the form of a hybrid event, with physical conferences streamed online in real time. The two sessions attracted the participation of 188 city representatives from 76 cities across 34 countries and reached over 1,600 views online. Through the summit, Taipei City shared its knowhow on digital transformation with international city leaders. With years of experience in this area, smart city development in Taiwan has won recognition from delegates worldwide. This year, the Minister of Information and Communication Technologies of Paraguay made a personal visit and expressed a huge interest in Taiwan’s smart technology deployment. The Director of Operation and Maintenance Department of Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC) of Saudi Arabia also showed his appreciation regarding Taipei’s Urban Intelligence Center and open data applications.

Mayor Ko stated that Taiwan’s preformance on pandemic prevention in recent years has been recognized by the global community. With the 2022 Mayors’ Summit adopting the hybrid format, we also witness the first implementation of Taiwan’s special “bubble” program that allows us to welcome 30 interntaional delegates from across 10 countries, invited by National Development Council, to attend the event in person. This accomplishment is an important breakthrough since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on global tradeshows two years ago. Meanwhile, Ko mentioned in the Summit that Taipei is ready for full digital transformation in the city, whether through private-public-partnerships that establish smart technology fields by procuring services from business partners, or the “City as a Living Lab” program that establishes a full industrial ecosystem that shows potential as a future export.

Deputy Mayor Huang highlighted that the rising awareness of women in municipal leadership positions led to the creation of the Smart City Leading Women Summit. In the process of smart cities development, other than the advances in technologies, the innovations in systematic upgrade empowered more participants to join the ecosystem. For modern women, this not only makes it easier for them to get involved through enhancement in technological literacy, but also promotes the idea that “gender does not equal capability”. In the face of future challenges, the key is how to be brave and true to ourselves, as well as demonstrating our strength regardless of our genders.

Deputy Mayor Huang also mentioned that thanks to the special “bubble” program, city leaders from central and easterrn Europe, the Amercias, and the middle-east are able to visit the event in person. Despite the fact that only 22 delegates successfully attended the event in person and was forced to conclude one hour earlier than scheduled due to a confirmed COVID case among the foreign delegations, the participants have acheived fruitful discussion. It is indeed a rare opportunity for delegates from around the world could join us at the networking in person, overcoming obstacles such as long journey and the pandemic. It shows that Taipei continues to work on connecting and collaborating with the international community in response to challenges. We believe that the experience from exchanges at the Summit will bring Taiwan further onto the global stage.

The Summit is conducted live in English, and Chinese translation is available on Youtube. The time schedule of the sessions are as below:

Session 1: Euro-asia, 4-6pm on Mar. 22nd (GMT+8)
Chinese translation:https://youtu.be/mOqt5hdSXgQ

Session 2: Americas-APAC, 7-9am on Mar. 23rd (GMT+8)
Chinese translation:https://youtu.be/yFa8_umRCww

Smart City Leading Women Summit, 10-11am on Mar. 23rd
Chinese translation:https://youtu.be/uu5rzeBnZk8

Chart 1:Schedule of Smart City Mayors’ Summit and Leading Women Summit

Event Date Attendence
Mayors’ Summit Session 1 Mar. 22 【Euro-Asia】
Vysocina of Czech Republic (who attended in person), and online delegates from Gdynia (Poland), Chamber of Representatives (Belgium), Rzeszow (Poland), City of Aix-en-Provence (France), City of Edinburgh (the UK), Selangor (Malaysia), Dijon Métropole (France), and Edo State (Nigeria).
Mayors’ Summit Session 2 Mar. 23 【Americas-APAC】
Castries Constituency Council (Saint Lucia), Newark City Government, New Jersey (the US); São José dos Campos City, Sao Paulo (Brazil); Municipio Metropolitano de Quito (Ecuador); City of Peachtree Corners (the US); Palmerston North City Council (New Zealand); Municipalidad de Asunción (Paraguay); City of Atlanta (the US), City of Edmonton (Canada), and City of Denver (the US)
Leading Women Summit Mar. 23 Castries (Saint Lucia); Newark City, NJ (the US)
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Smart city online
Mayors’ Summit online
Mayors’ Summit online