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5G Smart Bus Debuts at Pilot Test in Taipei

The 5G smart busThe first 5G Smart Bus pilot project in Taipei has kicked-off! Through the “5G Bus: Ride to Experience Innovative Service,” residents will have a chance to see the smart buses operating in Xinyi District between June 11 and July 2.
According to the Department of Information Technology (DOIT), the project is a collaboration among the agency, the National Communications Commission and Chunghwa Telecom. The 5G pilot project also provides the telecom company with an opportunity to set up 5G base stations at locations in Xinyi District. The test also allows the public to experience firsthand the convenience of 5G, such as high resolution and powerful broadband.
Deputy Secretary General Chen Chih-ming stressed that 5G is one of Taiwan’s six core strategic industries and an important element in Taipei’s smart city program. The city government supports all kinds of innovative proposals and having proof-of-concept (POC) experiments carried out in Taipei. He recalled that the city has previously worked with other companies to implement a 5G experiment in Neihu district before. This time, the city government is joining hands with Chunghwa Telecom to conduct the POC in Xinyi District, hoping that the experiment will play a role in the innovation of 5G applications for the future.
During the pilot project period, the smart buses will operate on a daily basis after 2:20 PM. Those interested can board the 5G bus either at the bus stop next to Breeze Xinyi or the one outside Taipei 101.
Travel between the stops takes about 15 minutes. During this interval, travelers onboard can try out the 8K/4K resolution broadband streaming made possible through 5G technology! The organizers welcome everyone to come and experience the convenience of 5G service themselves!