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Grand Opening of 2019 Taipei Waterfowl Festival

A waterfowl taking off from the river Taipei Waterfowl Festival kicked off on December 7 at the Huajiang Wild Duck Nature Park. The blessing opening ceremony performed by Longshan Temple was followed by a series of exciting activities. Inspired by the theme of “Rambling Wild Ducks”, this year’s event offers a combination of local conservation achievement exhibition, cultural guided tour, creative ecological challenge games, lively stage performance, funfair, and wild duck ecology guided tour, etc. The exciting activities are designed to introduce the wetland environment to the public and restore its former splendor.

According to the Taipei City Animal Protection Office (APO), wild ducks congregate here every year during the winter migratory bird season from September to April the following year, making it a valuable ecological resource in Taipei City. The small wild ducks visiting Taiwan from Siberia will stay until spring next year before returning to the north. Huajiang Wild Duck Nature Park is adjacent to the Taipei City Waterbird Refuge, which encompasses an area of 245 hectares stretching from Zhongxing Bridge in the north to Yongfu Bridge in the south. As of late November this year, a total of 5,118 birds across 75 species have been observed in the Huajiang region. The most notable Anatidae species include the green-winged teal and spot-billed duck.

According to Department of Economic Development Deputy Commissioner Wu Hsin-Pei, the waterfowl Festival not only announces the arrival of migratory birds, but the activities designed also bring together surrounding schools, organizations, and stores to attract more people who care about the Huajiang wild duck wetland and ecological conservation, encouraging them to engage in Huajiang wetland-related environmental issues. In addition, the waterfowl festival allows citizens to admire the varying postures and demeanors of the wild ducks in their natural habitat so as to gain insight into the importance of the wetland environment for organisms. In welcoming the tiny guests from afar, APO has already finished restoring the one-hectare waterbird refuge in Taipei City. Furthermore, 7 wetland guided tours have been organized at the educational research center of Huajiang Wild Duck Nature Park in an effort to reinforce people’s nature conservation awareness and enhance the overall value of community development.

This year’s waterfowl festival is held in conjunction with the “Retracing the Footsteps of Our Forefathers” local cultural guided tour, taking citizens to appreciate the cultural characteristics of early Wanhua and the conservation achievements at Huajiang wetland. The purpose is to showcase Huajiang’s unique splendor to the public and in turn promote the concept of bird and nature conservation, hoping that citizens will understand life, respect life, and cherish the natural environment, ultimately materializing the vision of sustainability at the Huajiang wetland.