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Flowers for Graduation Ceremonies! Recommendations by Taipei Flower Market

Flower bouquet displayed at the press conference As seniors prepare to toss their graduation caps, Taipei Flower Market is offering customers a different way of celebrating graduation – with fresh flower bouquets!

During a press conference at city hall on June 3, the representatives of Taipei Flower Market promoted flower bouquets and related merchandise as great ways to say ‘thank you’ to teachers and express well wishes to graduating students. Order information were also available at the press event.

With the COVID-19 pandemic receding in Taiwan, restrictions on public gatherings have been eased and venues reopened. For schools and members of the graduating class, the good news is that graduation ceremonies are resuming. Taipei Flower Market pointed out that by purchasing flowers for the occasion, in addition to expressing gratitude to faculty and students by presenting them with flowers, customers also help growers and flower businesses through every purchase.

Some of the more popular flower choices for graduation ceremonies include orchids, Texas bluebells, flamingo flower, lilies, and sunflowers. Each flower carry a special meaning: orchids signal a bright future and infinite possibilities, while Texas bluebells convey sincerity. Flamingo flowers has the meaning of being able to stand out among the crowd, while lilies represent the hope for everything going smoothly.

For the graduation season, Taipei Flower Market will be setting up temporary glasshouse showrooms at Daan Forest Park and Taipei Expo Park’s Yuanshan Park Area. We welcome everyone to visit these showrooms to enjoy and explore ideal floral gifts for either graduates or teachers. In addition to purchasing the bouquets at Taipei Flower Markets or flower shops, you can also find them at selected stores of franchises such as Carrefour, PX Mart, and Taiwan Fresh Supermarket.