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Call Recording Retention Policy for 1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline: Recordings are Archived for 5 years and Deleted Periodically after the Retention Period. With One-Year Grace Period to Reduce Inconvenience for the Public, the Policy Will be Enacted on July 1, 2024.

1.The call recordings of the 1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline, managed by the Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission (RDEC), Taipei City Government, used to be retained for the longest time possible based on hardware capacity. Given the space shortage and storage security risk and referring to the practices of other government agencies and RDEC’s archive classification, retention schedule, and classification for petition processing. the retention period is set at 5 years.

2.One-year grace period is arranged (from the date of this notice to June 30, 2024) before the enactment of the policy. During the grace period, call recording file storage and access shall follow the old guidelines. Effective July 1, 2024, only call recording files from recent 5 years are available for the public and agencies. Files older than 5 years will be regularly deleted by the RDEC and no longer be available.