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Congrats! The New Construction Office of Taipei City receives recognition in consecutive years, 2 Projects won 2022 FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards

The New Construction Office, Public Works Department of Taipei City, receives another recognition! It has won the Best Construction Quality Award and Best Planning and Design Award of “2022 FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards” due to the construction works of the “Recreated Aqueduct Image and Pavement Landscaping along Section 3 of Xinsheng South Road” and the “Public Housing Project of Jinzhou Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City.” These awards were presented in the Award Presentation Ceremony at the Grand Hyatt Taipei on August 19, 2022.

The Director of Public Works Section, Hsiao, Chih-Lung, said that the Xinsheng South Road used to be the “Horikawa” in old Taipei. Many ponds and aqueducts have disappeared due to the decline of agriculture. The Taipei City Government has launched the “The Recreated Aqueduct Image” project since 2017 based on the idea of “disaster prevention, flood storage and sustainability” with the intention to bring the memories of old aqueducts and paddies back. The construction work started in July of 2020 up to June of 2021. After 11 months of works, the pavement on Section 3 of Xinsheng South Road of National Taiwan University has a refreshing look with rich aqueduct elements. This water-element-enriched environment makes Taipei City a livable city where humans live in harmony with nature. The construction works have been carried out from the gate of the National Taiwan University to Section 1 of Xin Hai Road. We appreciate that the University agrees to provide the space without asking for anything in return so that the overall image can be extended to the campus while the students and faculty members can personally experience the renewed aqueduct together with the citizens.

The Director of Architecture Design Section, Yen, Chun-Ming, stated that the “Public Housing of Jinzhou Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City” is designed to meet the needs of public facilities and provide public housing for residence justice. There are non-profit kindergarten, community public nursery home, elderly service station, care center for the physically disabled, community center, community library, fitness center and houses to revitalize and re-use the land and create a fusion lifestyle. The “urban corridor” is planned to strengthen the connection with the base and the integration of blocks. The challenge of height difference was overcome and the “new ground floor square” is used as leisure space for people to stay longer. We have developed the project based on the concept of “Young, Middle-aged, Elderly Supporting and Sharing a Living Circle” to create a diversified sharing living platform, infuse new momentum to the city and build a friendly community.