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2017 Rooster Year’s Lantern Festival! Solve the Riddles for Prizes!

In order to promote Archery Compulsory Sport on 2017 Taipei Universiade, the Department of Government Ethics of Taipei City Government (DGETCG) and the Agency Against Corruption (AAC) have co-hosted the 2017 Lantern Festival Event with riddles to be solved. Starting from January 23 rd, 2017 to February 23 rd, 2017, the event will last a month long for the public to participate. Each correct answer will have a chance to win the grand prize, which is the Taipei to Tokyo flight ticket and more such as, mini-projector, wireless Bluetooth headset, movie tickets, coupons and more. Visit the event page at (chinese) or the DGETCGt’s official site for more information.
For this year, the DGETCG constantly puts forth new ideas; by hiring expert to design riddles relating the International Anti-Corruption Day’s series of events, 2017 Taipei Universaide, Sunshine Act were composed. There are 30 questions in total, emphasizing the importance of anti-corruption and transparency, which is what a public servant should continuously bear in mind. On top of that, the hosts have really put in the thoughts of combing the upcoming event, 2017 Taipei Universaide with the 2017 Lantern Festival Event to create a more challenging and interesting one for the public to brainstorm for the correct answers.
Through these riddles, the Department of Government Ethics hopes that people can learn the backstory of anti-corruption by solving of riddles. At the same time, encourage people to support and participate in the DGETCG ‘s anti-corruption policy to create a Zero-tolerance society.