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The “heart” landmark of Beitou – consecutively awarded Taipei City Daoxiang Office Building, recognition of the construction quality of the New Construction Office

The “Daoxiang Office Building Project” in Beitou District, Taipei City was awarded the Excellent Public Construction Category (Construction Group) of the 31st “Chinese Architectural Golden Stone Award,” which is known as the Oscar Award for Architecture, in September 2023 and the Gold Award in the Public Works Category (Construction Engineering Group) of the 25th “National Architecture Gold Award” 2 months thereafter, highlighting the excellent quality of the construction projects handled by the New Construction Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government.


The New Construction Office indicates that the “Daoxiang Office Building Project” is the first multi-purpose building, a health and welfare integrated facility, and a citizen activity space containing local landscape characteristics and a humanistic spirit to create a new lifestyle of co-living and aging together. The entire building includes the supermarket and community childcare intended for enriching community life functions on the 1F, the community-type long-term care facilities and public childcare facilities (community public childcare homes) on the 2F~5F, the community activity center and occupational therapy center providing a recreational space for neighborhood communications and treatment space for community rehabilitation on the 6F, the library with a collection of 100,000 books on the 7F~9F, which including the original community activity center, library, and supermarket providing multiple and continuous services; also, there is a beautiful healing garden on the rooftop, creating a recreational space for people at all ages and a social welfare building for the benefits of the elderly and the young. In addition, Shuimokeng Creek is on the east side and the open space of Daoxiang Park is on the west side of this building, providing openness and continuity on the ground floor that is more than 100 square meters of square-style open space and 6-meter-wide urban green belt and pedestrian space, in addition to the high-quality multi-functional space provided by the building itself, it also improves the overall environmental quality of the surrounding communities.


The New Construction Office illustrates the awards granted to the Daoxiang Office Building project. In addition to the most recent two awards received, there are additional 3 awards, including the 23rd National Gold Award for Architecture in the Planning and Design Category - Public Works Category, the 29th Chinese Architectural Golden Stone Award in the Excellent Public Works Category - Planning and Design Group, and the 2023 Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards - Best Construction Quality Category. The award-winning content includes planning, design, and construction that highlight the efforts of The New Construction Office in all aspects. The New Construction Office will continuously uphold such spirit to refine business promotion and provide citizens with better municipal construction service.