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2016 Honey Taipei & Pineapple Cake Festival is inviting you to taste Taipei’s sweetness. “Taipei Sweet Heart” is on sale on Taiwan and Japan.

From 7/29 to 7/31, “2016 Honey Taipei & Pineapple Cake Festival” will be hosted on Taipei Expo Park’s Expo Dome. This event will allow people to experience the sweetness of Taipei. During this event there will be two competitions themed on “Taipei Sweet Heart” and “Pineapple Cake”, allowing people to discover diverse and fantastic taste. The first 500 visitors of each day will get a “Taipei Sweet Heart” or “Pineapple Cake” for free.
On afternoon of 7/19, pre-event press of “2016 Honey Taipei & Pineapple Cake Festival” was held. During the press, Taipei Sweet Heart ambassador gave stories showing the warm and sweet side of Taipei. Taipei Sweet Heart souvenirs will allow people to experience diverse and fabulous Taipei. Troy Kao, chairman of Taipei Bakery Association, and Yu-yen Chien, commissioner of Taipei City Government’s Department of Information and Tourism, presented “Taipei Sweet Heart building”. It is hoped that this would create a new taste of Taipei and make “Taipei Sweet Heart” an international famous souvenir.
Kao notes that, pineapple cake competition has been held for ten consecutive years. It is also known as “Legend of Taipei golden brick”. In recent years, nougat has also become a famous souvenir for foreigners. Therefore, cooperating with Taipei City Government, Taipei Bakery Association created “Taipei Sweet Heart”. The purpose of this competition is to create a brand new side of nougat.
According to Chien, using the tongue to communicate with the food is the simplest and sweetest way to know a city. Last year, Department of Information and Tourism and Taipei Bakery Association co-hosted “Taipei Cakes”. This year, “Taipei Sweet Heart” competition is being hosted. It is hoped that this new taste of Taipei will capture visitors’ hearts. Memory of Taipei trip will be brought with visitors instead of fading away.
Chien also notes that “Taipei Sweet Heart” is on sale in Japan. It is available in over 11,000 family marts around Japan. Moreover, it is also available in bakeries such as Kao & Zou’s Bake House, Shun Chen Bakery, La Maison du Denmark and ERSTE. Starting today to end of July, “Taipei Sweet Heart” is on promotion.
Besides competition, on the three-day-long “2016 Honey Taipei & Pineapple Cake Festival” site gifts will also be given. The first 500 visitors of each day can get a “Taipei Sweet Heart” or pineapple cake for free. Furthermore, bakery masters are invited to demonstrate baking skill in the DIY baking course. Space is limited. There are more fun events around the stage. You don’t want to miss them. For further detail please visit the event site: http://www.fonglisu.tw/ (Chinese).